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Rice Purity Test


If you have gone through the college life then you must have knowledge about the Rice Purity Test because the roots of Origin of Test lie in Colleges in the form of memes and humour in the 1930s. During that time thousands of tests were developed but there is one withstanding test remaining and it is none other than “The Official Rice Purity Test Online”. Officially, the test was designed at the Rice University, Houston, Texas, and that is the prime reason it is called “Rice Purity Test”.

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Officially the test comprised of 100 Questions related to your past life activities and you needs to check the question of you have ever gone through the situation. Once you marked all the relevant question your score will be generated on the scale of 100. Depending upon your score in the test the purity and innocence of the student will be decided and your final scores will also portray how your life is or how you have lived it. It is highly recommended to go through the Rice Purity Test FAQ before enrolling in the test.

Action Plan – Enrolling in Official Rice Purity Test Online

It is observed that the Rice Purity Test is commonly taken by the new students or by the freshers voluntarily in order to have a better bonding with the other students of the college or university. Overall the test consists of a list of 100 different questions which start with “Have You Ever” and these questions belongs to your life activities.

How to Go Through the Test

Here comes the best tip & Trick about the Rice Purity Test Online which ultimately helps you to score better in test.

  • First of all, have a walk through all the questions of Rice Purity Test.
  • Check off the question which actually matches with your past activities.
  • Submit your test for evaluation.
  • You will get a score on the scale of 100.

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Note: It is highly recommended to stay honest & transparent while taking the test because the results will definitely affect your social life. If you have checked a question mistakenly then it is advised that to take the test again.

Rice Purity Test Online

Kinsey Scale Test

Dr Alfred Kinsey, Clyde Martin, and Wardell Pomeroy officially developed a rating scale of Heterosexual and Homosexual which is most commonly called “The Kinsey Scale”. And at APsychoLab.com you can also enrol in Kinsey Scale Test Online for free. In 1984 the Kinsey Scale was first published in the Sexual Behavior in Human Male, the scale comprised of research findings which actually depicts people didn’t fit into homosexual or heterosexual categories.

The Kinsey team interviewed thousands of people about their sexual histories. According to their research, the sexual thoughts, behaviour, and feelings towards the opposite or same-sex don’t remain consistent across a particular timeline. So, what are you waiting for? It is the time to find out where actually do you fall on the Kinsey Scale.

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The Kinsey Scale Test consists of few numbers of questions and it is compulsory to answer all of the questions. Based on the answers you provided your Kinsey Score will be generated and then easily you can find out where do you fall in Kinsey Scale Test. Enrol in Kinsey Scale Test Online & find out where do you fall!


Psychopath Test – Am I a Psychopath?

If you really find it difficult to control your emotions, feelings, impulses and other people often complain about your such behaviour and you also feel difficult to follow the common rules of society then you might have psychopathy. The practical definition of Psychopathy is actually based on such antisocial and maladaptive behaviour of the patient. Psychopath must have different perception about his society and himself. As far as the clinical definition of Psychopathy is concern it is about the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.

Our designed Psychopath Test Online help you to find out if you are a psychopath or not. It provides you with the preliminary assessment of the psychopathy. After submitting test online if you find that you are a psychopath then please keep in mind that this test is only an initial self-assessment. Later on, you can consult with your doctor for the proper diagnosis. Only a mental health professional can only provide the final decision by using appropriate tools like psychopathy checklist and much more.

The Antisocial personality disorder is also called the Axis II Mental Disorders which is usually the life-long psychological problems which actually first arise late during your childhood or early adult stages of your adolescence.

Some of the treatment of Psychopathy actually approaches like psychotherapy could help psychopath about how to adapt to the better social environment & how to change their maladaptive behaviours.

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Some people used to ask themselves “Am I a Psychopath?” In order to find out that answer to this question, Apsycholab.com is providing an online quiz to find out that either you are a psychopath or not. Most of the people enrol in this type of test to find out the presence of psychopathy when the cross the age of 18. You can also find out the signs of a Psychopath on this test.

Well, the results of the Psychopath Test on our website are not to be constructed like a formal or official diagnosis. The result from our platform can help you but official results only were done by a psychology doctor or by someone mental health professional.

While having a professional sitting with the doc or mental health profession the assessment of psychopathy consists of 2 different parts which are following.

  • Semi-Structured interview.
  • Review of patient history and file records.

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